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If you are like me, a time came to upgrade from the cheap and often easily breakable plastic salt mills sold in most grocery stores. Not only did the plastic salt grinders easily break, but these were not the ideal kitchen items to put on the table when guests arrived for a meal. Fortunately there are hundreds of mills available which can match the decor of nearly any room or place setting. And in most cases, such salt mills may be purchased as a complete set that includes a pepper mill.

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When it comes to seasoning food, freshly ground salt can provide the extra ingredient needed to bring out the full flavor of most meals. Besides flavor, salt ground from a salt mill is typically healthier to consume then iodized salts. For example, iodized salt may be chemically treated. While many physicians advise a low sodium diet, they normally advise their patients to use freshly ground salt if they are going to use it. The bottom line is that salt ground from a salt mill is much healthier for people to eat.

Why a Pepper Mill Should Not Be Used For Salt

There are many people that believe adding salt to a pepper mill as adequate. Generally speaking, these people are wrong. First, salt is more difficult to grind then pepper. In addition to this, salt can cause metal to corrode. Who wants to eat corroded salt? Not anyone that wants to stay healthy! Most salt mills are specially designed to address the unique properties of sea salt. In many instances, these mills are designed with ceramic grinders which will last for the lifetime of the mill. In other situations, salt mill grinders utilize corrosion resistant grinders. The better mills will also be adjustable to grind salt to the desired coarseness of the person preparing or eating the meal. Regardless, with the right products in your kitchen you too can be using the same salts that are used by leading chefs from around the world!


Salt Mill Store

In our salt mill store you will find hundreds of grinders and salt products. Whether you want a mill to grind salt, or a complete set, our store has the selection for even the most demanding chefs!
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Cool Sea Salt Fact
Unlike iodized or refined salt, most sea salts available for mills are all natural and actually have trace minerals which are healthy to consume.

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