Sea Salt vs Table Salt

As consumers, we are bombarded with a variety of marketing tactics. The health benefits of sea salt vs table salt are also touted in a variety of products. On this page we will dispel the myths and get down to the basic facts.

First, the primary ingredients in salt are the same for table salt and sea salt. Both types of salts are primarily comprised of sodium and chloride. In general, the only major difference between the two types of salts is how they were processed and the taste. Sea salt is obtained from an evaporation process while table salt is mined from underground deposits.

Generally speaking, sea salt is mined from the evaporation of sea water. Where shallow water has evaporated, salt remains and is harvested for sale. The refining process for sea salt is very basic, which includes a refining process that simply washes the salt. Sea salt does have trace minerals which are left behind from the evaporation and crude refining process. These minerals often impact the color of the salt and also may be healthy to consume. However, such trace minerals are so insignificant that the health benefits can not be measured.

Table salt is normally mined from wells above salt beds which are injected with water and the water salt mix, known as brine, is subjected to a treatment process at a production facility. The treatment process is designed to remove all of the excess minerals and the brine is then packaged for boiling to complete the evaporation process. Once the evaporation process is completed, an anti-clumping agent is normally added and iodine is introduced into the remaining salt. Salt in which iodine was added is commonly referred to as iodized salt. At this point, the table salt is then packaged and is ready for distribution to kitchen tables across the planet.

Sea Salt, and the evaporation process used to harvest it, is the purest salt available. In many cases sea salt is nearly 100% sodium chloride. Since there are trace minerals left behind from the simple refining process, sea salt often tastes better then table salt.

In general, the health benefits of sea salt can not be measurably better then that of table salt. However, those looking for an organic salt for consumption will find sea salt to be more desirable and flavor packed then table salt.

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Interesting Salt Fact
Iodized salt, which is commonly found in kitchens around the world, simply refers to the addition of iodine in the salt. Iodine deficiency is known to afflict two billion people and is the leading preventable cause of mental retardation.

Sea Salt vs Table Salt